Saturday, 26 December 2009

His Lordship Captured

This drawing has been a long time in coming. I pencilled it more than a year ago, then never got around to inking it, then started inking it, then couldn't be bothered to finish inking it. Today, I realised I had already signed and dated it, so I'd better finish it pretty soon or else I'd have to change the date. So here it is, finished and coloured, in time for Boxing Day.
Does that mean our hapless older man could end up carted off in a box? Well, mmmaybeee. I don't know why I decided he was an English lord. Maybe because he looked aristocratic, at least to me. Also, when I was a boy, I saw this ad for a porn book (or magazine, or film, or something - bear with me, it was the early 1970s) which was the story of an English duke who found himself bound and enslaved by his wife on the night of his marriage. The ad was so teeny weeny that the image of the bound man was almost impossible to make out, which was in fact a great boost to my imagination - had I seen the actual object, I would probably have been disappointed. As it is, that very small picture and the three accompanying lines of texts have been fueling my fantasies for more than thirty years.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

'tis the season to be jolly

Of course, the mature man of the day is the world famous Santa. This is how I'd like to find him on Christmas day. No wonder the old codger hasn't brought me anything for years.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Catch Me If You Can

Now I know what you folks have been thinking ever since I started this blog. You're probably thinking "That guy's a real sadist. He draws all those men in tight and uncomfortable bondage, often in awkward positions. What a creep!" Well, that's a misconception if there ever was one. I'm really a very kind and considerate person. And here's proof : this guy has the means to escape. He just has to reach it. Of course, you don't know how many hours he's been slowly crawling towards salvation, nor how long it'll take him to reach it and to cut himself free. That is, if his captor doesn't come and snatch the scissors from him before he can use them. An maybe throw them a few feet away from him. So the game can last a little bit longer...