Friday, 1 June 2012

Holy Older Men in Bondage

Now, don't you people start thinking I spend all my time reading comic books. I also go to real cultured places like museums. And you know why? Because museums are chock full of pictures of naked people - including older men. Religion and mythology are always good bets when it comes to finding interesting images to look at. In other words, there are plenty of older men tied up to be seen. Tied up or even worse as some of those martyrdoms could be pretty nasty. To introduce this new subject, I've posted three versions of the crucifixion of Saint Peter. If you want to know why Peter was crucified upside down, just google up his name and do your own d--n research. This first version is by Sir Anthony van Dyck.

 This second one is one of my all time favourite painting by the great Caravaggio who painted some absolutely beautiful men.

And our last entry is by Guido Reni. While looking for it, I came across some more images of the Saint Peter martyrdom, too numerous to include here, including video clips of movies that feature a reconstitution of that selfsame scene. While those are often very well made and the actors playing Peter very hot, I find them a little hard to stomach because - let's face it - the whole idea of cricifixion involves driving big nails through a man's hands and feet. Brrr! At least, with pictures, you can sort of pretend they're only tying him up upside down. If you blink.