Sunday, 22 November 2015

At the Back of the Truck

You can guess the reason for this drawing's title. Those two truck drivers' truck has been hijacked and they've been thrown at the back of their truck securely bound. Their attackers took off their shoes so that they couldn't try and escape even if they managed to get free of their bonds (this is a very hot country). The younger one is gagged because he was being very noisy. Of course, one might wonder why their attackers didn't leave them behind and bothered to take them along. Well… it's not sure they are only after the truck or its contents. They might have some plans for the two helpless men too.

Today (30th of December 2015) I'm adding the colour version. I decided they had been secured with a combination of grey packing tape and rope. Any suggestions as to what happens to the two captives afterwards? I'd like to draw some of your ideas, so go with the comments!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Visitor

A comic from long ago. Originally published in Fat Angel Times, the magazine of Girth&Mirth Belgium.