Thursday, 30 June 2016

Afternoon Fun And Games

See the number after the signature? Yes, this was done in 1997. That was one of the very few times I did a drawing for a specific purpose. Afternoon Fun And Games was done as part of a small portfolio of drawings that was published in the gay S&M magazine Projet X. Projet X was an interesting magazine aimed at an international audience - texts were in French, English and German - all interested in what the magazine called "les sexualités hard". So there was a lot of leather and rubber and chains and fisting and pissing and other stuff-ing to be seen in the magazine. The only glitch - in my opinion - was that for a magazine that was supposed to have no taboo, it had one big taboo - age. Granted, the age limit for models seemed to be a little higher than in the mainstream gay press where every single model seems to retire at age 32. At Projet X, models seemed to be as old as 35, or sometimes even 40. Talk about daring! So of course, when my portfolio of four drawings was published, the editor had to make apologies of a kind by saying that the men I drew were "dans la force de l'âge" (a French expression that means literally "in full maturity"). And of course, there was no question of making me a regular contributor - I should consider myself lucky that they were running my stuff at all. Well, I was, in a way, because the publisher of Projet X was the same publisher who used to publish the gay news magazine Gai Pied Hebdo and they had rejected my older men outright less than ten years before.
That drawing was my way of depicting my favorite sort of "sexualité hard", bondage, as something nice and consensual. I've never been too wild about it because I felt it lacked emotion but once I had colored it, I thought it had a sort of sensual feeling about it. Maybe I should make a comic out of it? There's more to those two guys than this single scene, obviously.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Jack in the Waiting Room

I already posted a different version of this drawing with different colors a long time ago on a different site. But then, recently, while doing some scanning, I re-scanned this old drawing with the awkward cropping and I thought I might as well use it. So I did a new coloring and then decided I could use the space on both sides of the character to give a little background on what's happening to him.
The story behind this character is also interesting. In 1990, I did a little 4-page comic about a gay couple cleaning up their apartment after the last night's party (a very sedate drinks and nosh affair, I hasten to say) and remembering what went on. One of the guests was this big guy who worked in the theatre and was fond of younger guys. Later, I made this drawing of the same character, who after having cruised this sweet-looking younger guy found out to his dismay that the kid was a dominant top into dominating older men. This was a novel experience for "Jack" (he wasn't called that in my original comic) but he decided to go along with it. Would he actually enjoy being in the submissive role for once?