Thursday, 7 January 2016

Bound in the Storeroom - the colour version

Well, I've promised it a while ago, and here it is, finally, the coloured version of Bound in the Storeroom :

Like I wrote when I posted the black and white version, this is inspired by a real-life instance of my getting to tie up a man in the basement storeroom of his shop. The guy looked nothing like the bear I've drawn, and tying up someone in a cramped storeroom is actually not as easy from a practical point of view as this drawing makes it look. Still, it's a fun fantasy, and one is free to imagine how the mustachioed tormentor got his "victim" into the storeroom (and shirtless), managed to overpower him and why he's tickling him. My opinion is that he's doing it just because he enjoys tickling cute older bears. Which is a perfectly reasonable reason.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Unwrapping The Wares

Here's a good way to celebrate the new year - by publishing a colour version of a drawing I did some years ago, that was posted in black and white on some sites I contribute to but that, for some reason, I never posted on this site.
Why the title? Well, the scene takes place in the storage back room of a shop in a bazaar somewhere in North Africa. The older man is a European tourist who was lured in the storage room with the promise of being shown some very special products that the merchants offer for sale only to a handful of customers. But once there, the old bear was quickly bound and gagged, and it became obvious that the "special product" that his captors were setting out to enjoy was him!