Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mature Prisoner

This one has a long history. In late 1998, I submitted some drawings for publication in Projet X, a magazine that purported to be "le magazine des sexualités hard" ("the magazine of extreme sexualities"). As a matter of fact, the mag was mostly about dressing up in military or rubber gear, indulging in fist fucking and rolling in mud. Models in the photo displays were mostly of the young and muscled kind. In my opinion, the best thing to come out of Projet X was Logan, a young French artist specializing in bearish and heavyset guys.
Anyway, one day, encouraged by my friend Thom Seck, a gay artist who was also a sometimes-contributor to Projet X, I went and showed them my work. The rest of the story you can read here, along with another version of the above drawing which was published in Projet X. This is a colour version of the original drawing I had submitted, and which I still like better. Hence the different title.