Friday, 1 June 2012

Holy Older Men in Bondage

Now, don't you people start thinking I spend all my time reading comic books. I also go to real cultured places like museums. And you know why? Because museums are chock full of pictures of naked people - including older men. Religion and mythology are always good bets when it comes to finding interesting images to look at. In other words, there are plenty of older men tied up to be seen. Tied up or even worse as some of those martyrdoms could be pretty nasty. To introduce this new subject, I've posted three versions of the crucifixion of Saint Peter. If you want to know why Peter was crucified upside down, just google up his name and do your own d--n research. This first version is by Sir Anthony van Dyck.

 This second one is one of my all time favourite painting by the great Caravaggio who painted some absolutely beautiful men.

And our last entry is by Guido Reni. While looking for it, I came across some more images of the Saint Peter martyrdom, too numerous to include here, including video clips of movies that feature a reconstitution of that selfsame scene. While those are often very well made and the actors playing Peter very hot, I find them a little hard to stomach because - let's face it - the whole idea of cricifixion involves driving big nails through a man's hands and feet. Brrr! At least, with pictures, you can sort of pretend they're only tying him up upside down. If you blink. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bound in the Storeroom

Now, that's a nice little fantasy - to have a burly bear bound and gagged and at your mercy. I know for other people the fantasy goes the other way around - to be the one tied up and helpless. What can I say? It takes all kinds! As for my fantasy - well, it usually involves tickling (fiendish grin).

In case you are interested (and if you're not, what are you doing on this blog? Begone! Vamoose!) this drawing is not based on actual experience, but I did get to tie up a guy in a storeroom a couple of times. That was a long time ago, back when I didn't have a place of my own. A storeroom really isn't a very practical place to have a bondage scene in, but it does make up in atmosphere what it lacks in elbow room. I'll probably do a colour version of this drawing some day, when I have the time, but meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy it this way.

You might have noticed that I modified the Links section. I added an (X) for those links of a more... ahem, ahem... adult nature. Just so you'd know where you're heading when you click.

Another news item of interest : the Nifty archive of erotic stories ( recently ran a story about an older big man (with a moustache to boot!) blackmailed into becoming his boss' sex slave. It's called "George and the boss" and you'll find it in the GayMale/Authoritarian section under story date 28 April. Quite an enjoyable tale with lots of older male bondage (and more).

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bound in the Gym

This is a rather old image that I'd been working on and off for years until I finally completed it. I rather like the bound guy, even though he's probably younger than the ones I usually draw. But then, when I began drawing him, he was older. Isn't that a wonderful little time paradox? Another paradox is that I have absolutely no use for gyms in real life. Those are the kind of places I wouldn't be caught dead in. But I do admit that they make good settings for bondage pictures - all those props you can use to tie a guy to... No tickling this time, but a nice pair of naked soles you can fantasize doing all sorts of naughty things to.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Life Imitates Art

This is a drawing I did some time ago (as you can see from the date next to my signature). I posted it in several places, including the Mature Men Boud and Gagged yahoo group which I moderate. That inspired my good friend grubber to try and create that scene for real and he did a pretty good job of it taking into account that he could only get hold of a much younger bear (but still very hot), that it's not really possible to cut shoulder holes on a rubber suit and that said rubber suits aren't really designed with just one big leg anyway. I just re-scanned that drawing for him as I'd lost the original scan and he needed it for something (more on that later, when that happens). I thought I might take the opportunity to post it on this blog especially as it's been ages since I posted one of my own drawings. When I started posting colour drawings, I thought posting drawings in black and white again would be a step backwards, but maybe you don't mind so much as long as I post something?
This drawing is also interesting in that it's another example of what you can do with an older man once you've got him tied up. Strangely enough, very often, for me, that involves tickling.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bondage For The Big Man

I'm in London at the moment, which gave me the opportunity to meet with Heavy Metal Bear, a very nice young man (only 34! Boy, do I feel old!) who's into bondage in a big way (no pun intended). His blog Bondage For The Big Man is a nice mixture of photos, links to videos of interest and fun text stories. HMB told me he'd seen so little on the net catering to his interests that he decided to do his own blog to try and make up for the lack of attention paid to bears who are into bondage. It struck me that, without being aware of it, he was following the advice I gave on this blog nearly a year ago - "I you feel there's nothing for you on the net, create something."