Sunday, 23 December 2018

Do you like this blog ? Now you can say so.

It has long bothered me that Blogger did not offer the same possibility to "like" a post as Facebook and Tumbler did. That shows how little I was paying attention. There actually is  a function like that on Blogger and you can actually customise it. I've just done that and now all my blog posts will have a choice of three ratings : "hot" if you really liked the post, "so-so" if you liked it somewhat, and "blah" if it bored the pants off you.

Now this guy can't say or do anything but YOU can say what you think of what's been done to him thanks to the new ratings system.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

What Happened to the Professor

Remember the professor from Tied Professor? Surely you remember him. And you wondered what had happened to him? Well, here it is. And that's not the end of it by any means. Want to make suggestions as to what should be done to him by the one he's starting to reluctantly call his Master?

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Return of the Native

Hello all. It's been a long time, hasn't it? I had been posting more and more of my stuff on Tumblr, but now these idiots have decided to shoot themselves in the foot by removing virtually all NSFW material because they got into trouble over child pornography. So basically, a lot of my Jerynsart pictures that depict - how shall I put it? - men well over the age at which one might mistake them for children, have been "flagged" and might soon be deleted, for all I know. So here I am back on Blogspot with a vengeance.

But first a word from our sponsor : you can actually see a lot more of my work completely uncensored - as if I was going to censor myself, the idea! - on my patreon. You can support me and help me make more work for a measly $2.00 a month (I only have one tier, so that $2.00 makes you a full supporter.) The image below is a teaser for my latest post "What the Butler Saw... and Said":