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New Patreon post: Strip Poker Stakes"

Big Gordon has lost the game. But this time, the Strip Poker Stakes were a bit higher than usual. All details in this week's post exclusive to members of my Patreon.


Thursday, 3 December 2020

"Bye bye, birdie" on Patreon

Bye bye, birdie! Night watchman John is left in an embarrassing situation for a man his age. It's all in this week's new drawing exclusive to my Patreon. And it costs only $2.00 a week to join the fun on Patreon!


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

New Patreon Post : Tickling Bondage

Tickling Bondage is the new exclusive image posted on my Patreon. To see the full image, you have to be a member, which costs only $2.00 a month… and keeps me drawing mature and older men in bondage.


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"A Sub's Reward" on Patreon

René is usually a top, but when he does submit, he gets A Sub's Reward. That's this week's exclusive drawing on my Patreon, which can be seen by all my $2.00-a-month patrons.


Thursday, 29 October 2020

"Just the Thing for Tickling" on Patreon

Monsieur Rougemont has found out that his company's product is Just the Thing for Tickling. What product is that? All the answers are in this week's exclusive image on my Patreon. It costs only $2.00 a month to join me on Patreon and to get access to more than 40 exclusive images!


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

New Post on Patreon : Tickling Bet


Who is Graziano tickling? Some big mature man with a moustache who's soon going to find himself on the losing side of a Tickling Bet. All the details are in this week's post on my Patreon, exclusive to backers.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Second Page of "At His Service" on Patreon

This week's exclusive for my backers on Patreon is At His Service 2, the follow-up to last week's short comic. Guess who's getting his butt whipped? That's right - that guy :


Sunday, 27 September 2020

Basement Talk

 "So, how do you feel, Larry?"


"Now, that's not polite language. Is that any way to thank me for my being a good host? Putting you up in my own house, making you all comfortable… okay, so maybe those ropes are a little tight, but it's just so that you'll stay put while we have our fun."


"Oh, you know, the fun I usually have with my guests… playing with their nipples, their balls, their cocks… I know, they are sometimes a bit reluctant to get into it, just like you were, but they all end up loving it."

"Mmmfwatrrruutkingaboutfff? Mmminvfferaskedfrrthishh!"

"Oh, I know… That's what they all say, at first… But I'm old enough to know better, now. I know what lies behind that macho talk. I can sense that, behind that bravado, there's a real need to get tied up and used. Let's start."


"Mfffshtppit! Mmpleaaseshtppit!"

"Aw, c'mon, Larry, be a man! The sound's hardly in yet. I know, it can be a little painful, but all you've got to do is relax. Let it go down all the way to your urethra. It'll be a unique sensation, you'll see!"


Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Wrestling the Bear on Patreon now

Wrestling the Bear is the new, exclusive drawing posted for my backers on Patreon. One exclusive drawing a week of mature men bound and/or tickled for only $2.00 a month? Gee, that really tickles… my fancy!


Wednesday, 16 September 2020

New Patreon post : On Master's Couch

Why does this bear look so surprised? Could it be because he's recognised the other sub sitting next to him On Master's Couch? The whole picture, and the whole story, is in this week's exclusive post on my Patreon. At $2.00 a month to back me on Patreon, I wouldn't call that the bargain of the century, but it's pretty close.


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Tied and teased on Patreon

Tied and teased is the newest exclusive image available on my Patreon. To back me on Patreon only costs $2.00 a month.

Patreon seems to have entered a new policy of enforcing its rules even for NSFW creators, which means that I had to delete many posts depicting non-consensual sexual activity. While I know it makes my Patreon site less attractive, I still think it's pretty good value at $2.00 a month.

What that means is that many of the links I posted here for Patreon updates are no longer active. I will try and make those deleted drawings and stories available as e-books in the following months.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Black Scholar Tickled Again on Patreon

Why is this man laughing? Well, the answer's in the title of the new exclusive drawing I've just posted on my Patreon, available in full to all my backers : Black Scholar Tickled Again!

Monday, 20 July 2020

Bear To Tie in Patreon

This is Bear To Tie. Want to know more about him (and see more of him)? He is in the new drawing I have posted exclusively for my Patreon backers.

Monday, 13 July 2020

Bears in Bondage on Patreon

This is a close-up of one of the two Bears in Bondage, included in the latest exclusive image I have posted on my Patreon. Join me on Patreon and get as many as six exclusive images for $2.00 a month.

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New Bear in Distress on Patreon

Why does that bear look so worried? The answer is in the new, exclusive drawing just posted on my Patreon. For just $2.00 a month, people who support me on Patreon get to see the whole picture!

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Capture of El Comendador 3 on Patreon

The Capture of El Comendador 3 is the newest exclusive image posted for my supporters on Patreon. Things are getting strange for the secret chief of the resistance to an oppressive regime, as the people who picked him off the street are definitely not doing what he expected they would do.

Sunday, 21 June 2020

The Iron Door by Karhumies

I have long been following the fetish art of Karhumies on the hentaifoundry site. So I was very happy to find out that two chapters of his comic The Iron Door are available on Gumroad as e-comics (in pdf format). Each chapter is 20 pages long with a colour cover and only costs $5.00, which is a real bargain. The story takes place in Hell and follows the adventures of mature monsterman Herttua as he gets in touch with his long-repressed sub side. It's very hot but also very human, with developed characters and just enough humour to make it a very enjoyable read. Also, who knew there were "adult" shops in Hell?

Capture of El Comendador 2 on Patreon

The Capture of El Comendador 2 is the new exclusive drawing just posted on my Patreon. Find out what happens next to El Comendador for just $2.00 a month.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Work in Progress (2) : Tied and Kneed

Henri is a mean little s.o.b. Now that he's got Maurice in his power, he's going to make him suffer and good. 

Poor Maurice never knew Henri hated him so much during all those years they'd been working together. But he should have guessed. After all, he was never the last to make fun of Henri for his stuttering, for still not being married at his age, and many other things the guys at work found strange. Henri seemed to be taking it well, accepting to be the butt of the other workers' jokes. But inside, he was seething with rage.
And then, things started happening in both their lives. And the lives of the other workers. The plant where they all worked was bought by a company which had some unusual management methods. As soon as they were in charge, all employees sat through some tests designed to detect unused potential. It turned out that Henri had plenty of unused potential and he was sent to the company's management school. He came back a changed man, self-assured, no longer the loser sort of man his mates had known. He had been put in charge of the whole production unit, and his first job was to make it efficient again. Of course, some workers had to be "convinced" to change their ways - the ways they'd had since they first started working at the plant. 

"You… You can't mean it," Maurice had said when Henri had first explained what it would take for him not to get the sack.
"Well," Henri had answered with a nasty smile, "you're not exactly a model of efficiency. There's literally dozens of young men ready to take your place if you get laid off. So you'd better do as I say."
Maurice knew his former workmate, now his chief, was right. He needed the job. Where would he find another one at his age. Reluctantly, he had to agree to Henri's conditions.

And the conditions were that each time that Maurice didn't reach his objectives for production, he would have to submit to corporal punishment. It had begun with spankings, then gone up to canings, and from there to more and more elaborate punishment. Maurice's performance had improved, but Henri's requirements had become more severe too, so poor Maurice was left to wonder when Henri would finally be satisfied with his work. 

He wouldn't have liked the answer.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Farm Brothers in Charge on my Patreon

What happens when the two bachelor brothers from my October 2019 post Salesman Used want more of the same from their occasional "guests"? Well, you get Farm Brothers in Charge, the new exclusive drawing on my Patreon, the first of six I'll be posting during the month of June. At $2.00 a month, it's a real bargain!

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Work in Progress (1) : Prisoner in the Manor

Over the years, there are a lot of drawings I have started but never finished. Or should I say, not finished yet! Every now and then, I will scan a few in view of doing finished versions. But sometimes, that too takes a long time. So here's one of those works in progress. If you'd like to see more, do not hesitate to like this post and/or post a comment.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Slave Club on Patreon

Eric wasn't too sure why he had let himself be taken to that place. Curiosity? Probably so. His friend Philip had told him so much about the "slave club" that Eric had wanted to see for himself what the place was like.

So what's it like? Well, the rest of the story and the rest of the picture is on my Patreon today. Why don't you join on the sexy, kinky, gay mature fun? It only costs $2.00 a month.

Friday, 29 May 2020

Hang 10… Well, maybe 13.

It's not often that I make images without any bondage element but then again, isn't this daddy just too adorable for words?

Sunday, 24 May 2020

His Lordship Tickled on Patreon

His Lordship Tickled is the new image I have posted on my Patreon for all my $2.00-a-month supporters. It's really cheap to get in on the fun!

Gramps Pays His Tab on Patreon

Gramps Pays His Tab, but it's NOT the way he expected. Gramps has been running quite a tab at Tony's bar. Tony has decided it was time for Gramps to pay back what he owed him. Read and see how in the new exclusive image and story on my Patreon.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Santa in Bondage (because All Women are Bad!)

Sometimes, I will buy a comic for all the wrong reasons. This one I must have got in the UK as it's actually British, in spite of the US price being over the UK price. It was published in 1992 and to say that at the time "Good Girl" art was in vogue would be an understatement. So, this twenty-page black-and-white photocopied fanzine is mostly an excuse to run as many drawn images of women wearing skimpy attire (or sometimes no attire at all) as possible, whether in short comics or as single images. Not very likely to get my custom, then, BUT there was that cover. And honestly, who, being me, could resist that cover? And actually, artist D.Gordon, who is also the publisher, does a pretty good job of drawing Santa Claus in bondage, so he is more versatile than you'd give him credit for.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Whipping Boy For Pay on Patreon

Lord H. has some very kinky habits. Retired merchant seaman Harry could tell you all about it if he wasn't bound and gagged. It's all in Whipping Boy For Pay, the new exclusive image posted for all my Patreon supporters. You too can join the fun on Patreon for only $2.00 a month.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

But Is It Art? on Patreon

But Is It Art? That is the question my new exclusive image asks from my Patreon supporters. And it's a valid question, I think. No easy answers provided, but you can figure out your own by looking at the full picture for $2.00 a month.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

A Sound Spanking on Patreon

Beto had been taken to an empty room by a young man who had ordered him to strip, then had tied him hand and foot, ordering him to stand facing one of the walls. While he was tying Beto, the young man had asked him if it was his first time here, at the “punishment place”. Beto had admitted that it was. 
“Well,” the young man had said, “I don’t know what you’re being punished for and I don’t want to know, but if I were you, I wouldn’t worry too much. First-time offenders usually get off easy, unless they’ve f***ed up really bad.”
The young man had tried to be reassuring, that Beto knew, but he didn’t feel reassured at all. He had “f***ed up pretty bad”, and his mistake had cost the Big Boss a lot of money and unnecessary trouble. 

What's going to Happen to Beto? It's all in A Sound Spanking, the new exclusive drawing and story on my Patreon. Supporting my work on Patreon costs only $2.00 a month and gets you six exclusive drawings a month.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

The Man of the House on Patreon

No, Bradford is definitely not The Man of the House. To see who this title belongs to, you'll have to join my Patreon (for the measly price of $2.00 a month) and you'll get the full picture and the full story.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Early Jeryn 1 : A Birthday To Remember

This is the first in a series of posts showing some old art that has been little and sometimes never seen. A Birthday To Remember was actually published in the April/May 1990 issue of Chiron Rising, the magazine for lovers of mature and older men (a pdf of which you can download here). I thought at the time that the title and the drawing itself were explicit enough and telling a story by themselves. But now that I have the opportunity to do so, I'd like to put in a little story to go with it.

A Birthday To Remember


Marc had certainly made sure that John's fortieth birthday would be memorable. They had been a couple for ten years, and Marc had always made sure his younger lover was made to feel special, just like John made Marc feel special every day of his life. He had been so lucky, he often thought, to find a younger man who was into older men. And their life together had been great, the sex was fantastic, as well as the many tender moments. But Marc knew that there was a side to John's life that he couldn't fulfil - John had a "dark side" that he always kept in check with Marc, who had never been into anything else than vanilla sex. But Marc had a way to satisfy John's dark side. Because Marc was very, very rich.


John knew that he could expect surprises from Marc. His lover had always been so full of little attentions. He was an old dear, really, and John made sure he always got plenty of tender loving care from him. Every one of the birthdays they had celebrated together had been special, like that time John's birthday present had been a trip to Hawaii, but John suspected this one would be even more special, because it was his fortieth and the tenth such birthday they celebrated together. The candlelit dinner had been lovely, and now, as he heard movement behind the heavy curtain at the end of the room, John braced himself for a surprise. But as the young man came in the room with his present, even John had to admit that this time Marc had outdone himself.


Matt had often been hired to do unusual to very unusual to downright extraordinary stuff at gay parties. With his small stature and youthful face, Matt was often asked to hide inside a giant cake and burst out singing "happy birthday to you" wearing next to nothing or nothing at all - depending on the size of the pay check. But this assignment was really unusual. Dressing up like a hotel bellhop and leading this old guy to the birthday boy… well, that was strange. Usually, he was the one being used as a boy toy. Not some geezer old enough to be his granddad. When he had seen him arrive, Matt couldn't believe his eyes. The old man had come into the room used as a changing room where Matt was just finishing to put on his bellhop suit. He had said hello, eyes lowered, as though acknowledging Matt as his superior. Then he had stripped, very carefully folding his clothes and putting them inside one of the room's lockers. Then he had stood at attention, waiting for Matt to tie him up, using the ropes in one of the lockers. Matt had tried to make small talk: "What's your name?" "Luke, Sir," the old man had replied. Matt hadn't expected to be called "sir" by a man so much older than him. "Do you do this often, Luke?" Matt had asked. "As often as I'm asked to," the old man answered. "Do you know what he's going to do to you?" "Whatever he wants, I guess," Luke said and then sighed. Matt hadn't dared to ask any more questions. Well, to each his own, he thought as he finished roping up the old man.


Luke had very mixed feelings about what was going to happen. When he had heard through the grapevine that somebody was looking for an older man who was okay to be used and abused sexually for very good money, he had wondered if this was for real. And then he had thought: would he apply? This was humiliating. But it was also exciting. And then, what had he got to lose? Certainly not his virginity, he chuckled to himself - that had been lost long ago. He had applied. At the "job interview", he had met his employer, obviously a very rich guy - that house! - about his own age. After the man had asked a few intimate questions and explained what would be required of Luke, he had told him he had the job. Luke had wondered if he had been the only applicant? And now the thing was going to happen. Luke had gone back to the house, he had done as he had been instructed, he had let himself be tied up by that little twink, and now he was being led like an animal towards his new owner. What had he got himself into? Okay, he had been given assurances that there would be no permanent damage, but still, Luke realised how expendable he was. He had no family, he lived on his own, if he disappeared completely, who would miss him? That guy he was being given to as a present didn't look like such a bad egg, Luke thought as he went in the room. He hoped appearances weren't deceiving. That was all he could hope for, at this stage.