Friday, 10 December 2010

New mature man in bondage story

I know I haven't blogged an awful lot lately. Sorry about that. The little time that I do spend drawing is on more "overground" projects. However, I've just had a bondage story published on the nifty site of erotic stories. It's my second contribution to Nifty - the first one was the first chapter of a serial and I'm still working on the second. So this time, I decided to concentrate on a short story, make it self conclusive but still leave the door open at the end for a possible sequel in case I should feel like writing one some day. You can read the new story "Teaching an Old Dog" here. And if you feel like reading the first chapter of an unfinished serial story that might take years to complete, you can find it here, it's called "Old Enough to Know Better". Most of the stories on Nifty that involve S&M or B&D are about younger men, so I'm using the "old" word as a kind of marker to indicate that this is not your run-of-the-mill episode.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Odin's feeling mighty Thor... er, sore

OMG! Has it been that long since my last entry? Sorry, folks! What can I say except "I've been busy"? But aren't we all? It's probably a sign of encroaching age that I can't find the time to put images on this 'ere fine blog.
Today's image is another such sign. I bought this comic a few months ago in London (note the cover price - yes, it's a British edition) thinking "Oh, that's one issue of Thor from the period when I was already buying American comics but not that particular series. And it's got this neat drawing of Odin barechested and in chains. Lovely!" (Yes, those are the kind of thoughts I think.) Of course, it turned out I had bought a copy of this comic back in 1973 and had quite forgotten about it... until I looked in my comic book collection. How strange! How could I forget? And how could this comic have failed to catch my attention back then, when I was starting to feel... er... how can I put it? when I was starting to feel very interested in mature and older men with moustaches or beards. In fact, it was the fascination I felt for a few panels from a comic published in 1973 or 74 which made me become aware of the fact (more on that someday).
Maybe Thor 212 was pre-awareness. And I must say that in the story proper, Odin doesn't look as good as he does on the cover. But then again, that cover was drawn by Gil Kane, who could make even a spaceship look sexy.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Tied on a Stinking Mattress

Not much to say, really. The title says it all. I'm not really into stinky things in real life, but images are another matter.

Today I had a visit from my friend JF. He is a bondage artist in his own right and some time ago, we decided to exchange drawings, each one suggesting a theme to the other. We only did that once, mostly due to laziness on my part, but JF just posted on his blog the drawing I did for him. "Bob and Bill in Jeopardy" is an homage to a French-language adventure hero, Bob Morane, and his "best friend" (ahem! ahem!) Bill Ballantine. Being adventure heroes, they always got into tight spots but never got tied up enough for my and JF's taste.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Saran Wrapped

It's been a long time since I posted a new picture. Sorry about that, my life has been rather busy these last few months, both with work (I translate for a living and I had a rather big assignment - translating a book about Osamu Tezuka) and at home. Pierre, my long time companion, has been sick with Alzheimer's disease for years, and a month ago, he had to be hospitalized. He is back home now, in much better health, so I can catch up with a lot of things, including this blog.
I must admit I've been unfaithful to this blog. I've been posting drawings on the gmba google group. It's a group for posting male-oriented fetish art. It's a bit of a mixed bag, with lots of different art styles, with fantasies ranging from the rather tame to the extreme. Not everything's in it is my cup of tea, but I like the variety of approaches and thought it would be a good place to post some art I find too explicit or too un-PC for this blog. Another reason why I didn't post a lot on Jeryn's World is that I haven't worked on material I found tame enough for the blog, I guess.

"Saran Wrapped" is a nice exception. It's got a long and convoluted story. Bear with me.

I first started making bondage and fetish drawings while in my teens, and some of the earliest fetish art I saw were comics by fetish artists from the 1950s Jim and Eneg, who depicted fair damsels in all kinds of nasty predicaments. I used some of that stuff for inspiration, only with mature men as the "victims" back then (this was the 1970s). A few years ago, I discovered the work of fetish and bondage artist Leo Ravenswood, also from the 1970s. He had been publishing drawings, short comics and illustrated stories that used many trappings from the 1950s bondage artists, with long-haired, mustachioed men as the protagonists. I found some info on Leo on the internet, especially on the Mitchmen blog's great A to Z of male fetish artists. I was struck with the fact that Mitchell, the blog owner, had hit upon an aspect of Leo's work I had somehow perceived - that his use of black leather and rubber body encasements gave his men's bodies feminine qualities. That's one way of putting it and it seems to me a perfectly valid point. If you wrap up a man's body in a black, shiny, clinging material, this will certainly make it look more like the fantasy bondage females of the 1950s. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I find it quite exciting (and fun to draw).
So, when I came across a photo of a very hot New Yorker called Brooklyn Bull saran wrapped, I thought this was so hot that I'd use it as a basis for a drawing. So here it is, in all its black and white glory (homages to fetish drawings of long ago have to be drawn in stark black and white, of course).

Friday, 23 April 2010

Mr. Morris tied up

I know, I know - I don't blog very often those days. What can I say? I've been busy. I've got a gazillion drawings in various stages but none finished. So here's a nice little thing I picked on the web. The panel is from a story starring the original Captain Marvel. Cap's alter ego, Billy Batson, is off in some far away eastern land with his boss, Mr. Morris. Due to some trouble with a magic flute (or something), Cap has to tie up Mr. Morris. I bet they both really enjoyed it.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Higeoyaji in Jeopardy

The reason why I have not been blogging more often lately is because I'm currently working on a translation - yup, that's what brings in the bacon. It so happens that the book I'm translating is a biography of one of my favourite comics artists, Japanese grandmaster of manga, Osamu Tezuka. Now, I have studied Tezuka's work already in the past (I wrote a couple of papers on him while a mature student of Japanese at university a few years ago) and one thing that always struck me was the love/hate relationship a lot of his characters had towards their fathers or father figures. Nothing exemplifies Tezuka's ambiguous - to says the least - attitude towards father figures like his character of Higeoyaji.
Higeoyaji ("Old Man Moustache", or Dr.Walrus in the Astro Boy TV series) is a buoyant, energetic 40 or 50-something that Tezuka fashioned after a caricature a classmate had done of his own grandfather. He is usually cast as a detective (whose "real" name is Shunsaku Ban) and even in Astro Boy, where he is the young hero's teacher, he often acts more like a gumshoe than an educator. What is fascinating - to me - about this character is the way Tezuka has him mistreated throughout his career, from an early appearance in an unpublished version of the graphic novel Lost World (circa 1945) where he is captured by bad guys, tied up and beaten to a pulp, to more recent ones like in contemporary thriller MW (1976-78) where he is captured by the bad guys, tortured, pursued by a ferocious dog who catches up to him and bites off his balls. Well, maybe not (we never do see what the dog bites) but it sure looks bad!
The pages I have chosen this time are from a 1958 Astro Boy story the Japanese title of which translates as "Cruciform Island" (I have no idea what the title for it was in the English-language edition). Bad guys capture Higeoyaji to get at Astro and the Old Man with the Moustache spends a goodly portion of the episode tied up (and when he does get free, he has to fight his way through various perils, he gets stabbed in the arm and even loses his pants). I must say Osamu Tezuka has a really fiendish way of having him tied up on that bed. I think he really had it in for ol' Shunsaku Ban. And who can blame him? When you have such a hot daddy character, of course you're going to put him through the wringer!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Man-napped 1

I know the usual term is "kidnapped" but come on, this bloke is hardly a "kid"! What's wrong with good old virile man-napping?
I know, I know, I used the very term in my last post, but one is never too old to change the error of one's ways, don't you think?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Kidnapped Salesman

What is it about kidnapping fantasies that turn us on? Probably the lure of the forbidden. Because, let's face it, in real life, being kidnapped is no fun and kidnapping is a crime - and quite rightly so. But fantasy - that's another matter. A fantasy doesn't have to be PC. It can even be quite extreme. But that's all it is - a fantasy.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Basement Bound

I like the idea of a man bound in a basement. In English, the word "dungeon" is used for an underground place where dark deeds are done. In my native French, a "donjon" is a kind of tower, so the idea of an underground place gets kind of lost. I cannot get rid of that association entirely, so I'd rather use another word than "dungeon" for a secret underground place. And I really like "basement". It's such an ordinary word - there are basement flats, all kinds of buildings have basements. Very often, we keep things we don't use anymore but don't want to throw away in the basement. It's a place where people seldom go. So it's a good place to keep a mature man prisoner, bound and gagged. What will be his fate, I wonder... Don't you?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Santa Claus in Hell!

Good lord! It's Santa Claus! Being held prisoner in hell! So it seems I'm not the only person who has fantasies about the jolly ho-ho-ho-er. This is from Gumby Winter Fun Special published in 1988 by Comico. Script is by the brilliant Steve Purcell, also responsible for the inspired lunacy of Sam & Max, and art is by Art... Adams, that is! Astute menwatchers will note a strong resemblance between Santa (aka Ray Crabbe - so we get to know his real name at last) and Scottish actor (now Sir) Sean Connery. Which only makes this example of Santa Claus in bondage all the more delectable!