Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Basement Bound

I like the idea of a man bound in a basement. In English, the word "dungeon" is used for an underground place where dark deeds are done. In my native French, a "donjon" is a kind of tower, so the idea of an underground place gets kind of lost. I cannot get rid of that association entirely, so I'd rather use another word than "dungeon" for a secret underground place. And I really like "basement". It's such an ordinary word - there are basement flats, all kinds of buildings have basements. Very often, we keep things we don't use anymore but don't want to throw away in the basement. It's a place where people seldom go. So it's a good place to keep a mature man prisoner, bound and gagged. What will be his fate, I wonder... Don't you?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Santa Claus in Hell!

Good lord! It's Santa Claus! Being held prisoner in hell! So it seems I'm not the only person who has fantasies about the jolly ho-ho-ho-er. This is from Gumby Winter Fun Special published in 1988 by Comico. Script is by the brilliant Steve Purcell, also responsible for the inspired lunacy of Sam & Max, and art is by Art... Adams, that is! Astute menwatchers will note a strong resemblance between Santa (aka Ray Crabbe - so we get to know his real name at last) and Scottish actor (now Sir) Sean Connery. Which only makes this example of Santa Claus in bondage all the more delectable!